Company Troupe Guidelines


We are so excited that your student has either accepted the invitation to join our Company Troupe Series, or interested in being invited into the program.  The following outlines some of the changes and expectations for the coming year:

  • The Company Troupe series is a year-long program, broken into 2 semesters (with semesters/shows coinciding with a FALL/SPRING lineup). Students who have been invited and accepted to be in the troupe have made the commitment for the full year. Registration is done each semester, but the acceptance to be in the program is for the year. Additionally, we strive for each member to remain in troupe until aging out of the program, unless the student is not performing to the standards listed below, or their interest level changes, etc. Broadway Bound looks forward to open communication with students and parents if any issues arise that might affect the status of the student remaining in Company Troupe.
  • Please check your calendar to be sure your student can attend all classes on time and all dress rehearsals and performances. There is a higher expectation to move through material more quickly than in the other classes and attendance is very important.
  • If you choose not to accept your invitation or choose to pull out of the program at any time, you will go on an “Interest” list and will be offered the spot only as spaces become open. Please know that with this new process, there will be other students in other programs who qualify for Troupe but may not be able to get in since only available spots will be offered.
  • As the Company Troupe has evolved and been defined as the face of Broadway Bound in the community, we are excited to be involved in additional (non-mandatory) community performances. As soon as these opportunities are confirmed and scheduled, we will inform all Troupe members with advanced notice of engagement. This is a great opportunity to SING, DANCE and SHINE away from the classroom and theatre, and into the community.



  • Has already participated in Broadway Bound classes or camps
  • Available to show up on time to all classes, and does not have other conflicts
  • Shows motivation in learning lyrics, lines and choreography at home
  • Takes individual responsibility but also can work well as part of an ensemble
  • Shows a high level of interest in performing
  • Able to following directions based on age appropriate behavior.
  • Will sing by him/herself without prodding
  • Is comfortable potentially partnering with a performer of another gender
  • Has a positive attitude
  • (see back of sheet for class specific readiness guidelines)

KIDS TROUPE (3 rd – 4 th Grade)
Meets all of the above and are able to:

  • Match pitch and sing simple 2 part harmonies
  • Learn sequential choreography when demonstrated to them, but may still need some polish

TWEENS TROUPE (5 th -6 th Grade)
Meets all of the above and are able to:

  • Match pitch and hold his/her own note in 3-part harmony
  • Quickly learn dance steps cleanly and in rhythm, without being demonstrated or prompted by Director

TEEN TROUPE (7 th -8 th Grade)
Meets all of the above and are able to:

  • Match pitch and sing more difficult 3-part harmonies
  • Learn staging formations and challenging choreography quickly and cleanly
  • Follow/translate spoken direction without Director physical demonstration
  • Fall 2016 Registration


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